Coldroom, Freezer & Drystore Shelving and Accessories

HACCP approved, Easy to assemble, Easy to clean, Food Safe shelving
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Select from our huge range of fixed, mobile, and free-standing shelving and accessories.
Quick and simple to assemble, 20-year non-corrosion manufacturer’s warranty.

Range of Stainless / Zinc Coldroom Shelving

M-SPAN Shelving

M-Span shelf is designed to be easy to clean and last a lifetime for an affordable price. M-Span shelves are rated to 200kgs evenly spaced per tier up to 1200mm long. Sizes 1350mm, 1500mm are rated to 150kg evenly spaced.


Post Style with Real Tuff Shelves

Removable shelves are easy to clean and are dishwasher proof. Cleaning your cool room one shelf at a time. Real Tuff Shelves are rated to 250kgs evenly spaced per tierShelf clips for Add On or Corner Units are rated to 150kg


Post Style with Wire Grid Shelves

Wire Grid Shelving has solid roll formed sides which are easier to clean. Fully welded steel corners make this shelving very strong. Wire Shelves are rated to 200kgs evenly spaced per tier up to 1200mm long.


Top Track Compactus Shelving

Top Track compactus shelving provides clear uninterrupted floor space for cleaning and trolley access. Mobile assemblies fixed to bases with large diameter heavy duty castors ensure ease of movement.


Post Style Project Shelving

Post Style Project Shelving is designed to accommodate loadings of 300kg each shelf. It is useful for applications where heavy products will be stored in large quantities and/or the conditions of use will be extreme.


Post Style Dunnage Shelving

Requiring no tools for assembly Post Style Dunnage Shelving allows heavy duty shelving to be as easily set up and configured as standard shelving. Each shelf is height adjustable to suit. Stainless / Zinc.


Dunnage Shelves

Dunnage shelving is used to store heavy items off the floor. For loads up to 400kg use post style dunnage shelving. For loads in excess of 400kg use the fully welded dunnage rack. Both styles are available in 2 tiers.


Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving is handy for a large workplace where goods need to be moved long distances. Also useful when access is tight and peoples movements can be blocked. Options: M-SPAN, Real Tuff or Wire Grid.

HACCP APPROVED M-Span, Real TUFF, and Wire Shelving

Easy to clean Food Safe shelving for cool rooms, kitchens, freezers and dry storage, including M-Span, Real Tuff and Wire Shelving.

M-span shelves are easy to assemble and adjust. Built in antimicrobial protection ensures sanitation during storage of food items.

Real Tuff
Real Tuff shelves removable for easy cleaning. Just snap out a shelf for cleaning, no dismantling and easy access means less time spent cleaning. Real Tuff shelves have built-in Life antimicrobial protection.

Wire Shelving
Wire shelving have solid roll formed sides and frames, are easier to clean than most brands. Available in Stainless Steel and Zinc Plated.

Check out our easy to assemble dunnage shelving and mobile shelving options, with adjustable height, and HACCP Australia Approved.

M-Span, Real Tuff and Wire Shelving Options Come with Easy Maintenance Features, such as removable shelves and open surfaces to enure airflow and easy cleaning through the dishwasher.